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Australasian Sports and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP) are not only for sports injuries. While well positioned to care for elite athletes, our passion is to also to be there for any person who is being limited by pain or injury, and unable to be active in their lifestyle.

  • As musculoskeletal specialists we are able to devise plans and strategies to allow an early and successful return to activity, and to make sure you stay there
  • As exercise specialists, we also advocate the “exercise is medicine” approach. Integrating within multidisciplinary teams we will get the best outcome for your muscle strain, post ACL reconstruction rehab program, cardiac rehab, or osteoarthritis management.
  • Osteoarthritis management is not only a surgical area of expertise. While the end stage of arthritis may require a knee or hip replacement under orthopaedic colleagues, the clear majority of time spent dealing with your pain and function is non-surgical management. As specialists in this area we can confidently give you a strategy and plan to deal with your arthritis.
  • We also deal extensively with workcover, third party consultations, and defence personnel
  • While ACSEP fellows are specialist physicians, we also welcome your appointment without requiring a GP referral letter

We invite you to look at our list of services and allied health practitioners, and look forward to seeing you soon and helping you get back to doing what you want to do.

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Facebook — December 12, 2017

Our very own Nutritionist Stephanie Gaskell from Nutrition Strategies has some shocking information for you about Australians consumption of soft drink and its ingredients. #sugar #softdrinks #healthrisk

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Facebook — December 12, 2017
Facebook — December 12, 2017
Facebook — December 05, 2017

Welcome to SPARC-Up Fitness!SPARC-Up Fitness was formed and is committed to bringing ELITE training and personal welfare for their members, at an affordable price. Every member is treated with respect, has our full support and is shown genuine care. You are not just another number at SPARC-Up Fitness, you are what inspires us to make Fitness a Lifestyle for everyone.Personal Trainer Ryan has spent his life involved in sport and fitness. From coaching and playing, to instructing and training, his passion and inspiration is to encourage people to live life to it's fullest, to feel energised and to focus on achieving any goal or dream that you want to achieve.Follow SPARC-Up Fitness on Facebook & Instagram and visit https://www.sparcupfitness.com/ for more information (class timetables, personal session, group session, fees, how to sign up...ect)#SPARCUP #Adelaide #Fitness #Gym #Lifestyle #Motivation

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