Integrated, specialized, and bespoke services for your goals

As a collaboration of specialist services, we look forward to working with you and integrating our services to get you better, faster, more efficiently.

SPARC-CHECK: A comprehensive elite level pre-season screening program for all athletes

Concussion Assessment: Our specialists are world leading in up to date management of your concussion

Ultrasound: Some of our physicians have undertaken extensive additional training in both diagnostic and interventional ultrasound use

Iron Infusion: Rapidly resolve your iron deficiency in a comfortable, inexpensive and efficient environment

Research and Education: We have an ongoing commitment to education to both our patients, as well as the wider community including to GP's and other interested allied health

Hip and Groin: Dr Verrall is one of the most widely published researcher in hip / groin injuries in the active population

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Facebook — February 18, 2019

2019 brings 2 experienced GPs and sports doctors joining us, and the beginning of their specialist training. Excited to welcome Dr Buckley and Kleinschmidt to the SPARC family.

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Facebook — February 15, 2019

Michael featured on a bonus episode of Inside Running Podcast doing what he does best; Educating! #podiatrist

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Facebook — February 11, 2019

️Stocking Archie’s Arch Support Thhongs! $35 ️We mean it when we say these are the comfiest thongs ever and they look like normal thongs!Get in quick before they all sell out!Colours currently in stock: black, navy, coral, white. Coming soon: light blue.

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Facebook — February 07, 2019

No more tying ice packs up with old tea towels and staying still so they don’t slip off!We sell Sideline - Ice n Wraps!Perfect for upper limb and lower limb injuries or recovery. Just fill the bag with ice and strap it on with the comfortable Velcro straps.$35.00Thanks Blake for modelling the ice pack while you wait for your appointment! #sportsinjury #RICER #ice #recovery #joints #pain #injuryrecovery

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