Iron infusions: simple, efficient, rapid resolution of your iron deficiency

Why is iron deficiency important to me?

Iron is an essential element required for the oxygen-carrying capacity of haemoglobin in red blood cells and of myoglobin in muscle tissue. Moreover, iron plays an important role in many other vital processes in the human body. Common symptoms of deficiency can include lethargy, depression or inability to exercise or recover from your usual routines. 

Iron deficiency is common in the populations, and much higher prevalence in females. Combining this with high level activity has shown some studies to have a degree of iron deficiency in up to 30% of female athletes, which impact their performance, recovery, and energy levels.

Not everyone has the time for oral iron supplementation to work, which can take several weeks or months, or do not tolerate the side effects of taking them. For these individuals the modern iron infusions are safe, well tolerated, and results in rapid resolution of your iron deficiency. 

An iron infusion is a minor procedure when an iron containing medicine is infused directly into the blood circulation.

What to expect

After your initial consultation, or with direct referral from another medical practitioner to ensure an iron deficiency is appropriate for you, a small IV cannula is inserted into your arm whereby a slow infusion of the iron containing fluid is introduced into your system. A nurse will be by your side the entire time, to ensure you are well monitored and comfortable. 

While adverse reactions are extremely rare, we will still ask you to stay in our clinic for the next 30 minutes to ensure you are feeling well, and are then safe to drive home and go about all your usual activities. Within the next week most people already begin to notice rapid restoration of energy levels.

If you have concerns about iron deficiency, you are more than welcome to discuss with one of sports physicians about the various treatment options available. 

We also welcome direct GP referrals.

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