While conservative measures can often be successful in treating pain and keeping you active until the time of a joint replacement may be warranted, you may also find yourself needing to explore further options. You may not want to take medications (or do not tolerate them), may be too young for a joint replacement, or simply wish to trial more novel therapies before having such a major surgery. In any of those cases the main options include:

  • Cortisone: The most well known option to many people, and is a potent anti-inflammatory. Effects are typically short lived however in specific situations it remains a good option.
  • Viscosupplementation: Synvisc, Durolane and other hyaluronic acids are an additional tool in improving your arthritis pain. These are synthetic versions of our natural knee joint fluid. In a healthy knee synovial fluid is normally highly viscous (thick, jelly like material) that offers some buffering and transmission of joint forces among other functions. In osteoarthritis this breaks down to become more ‘watery’ and less functional. Reintroduction of this gel is well tolerated and a single injection into the joint has been shown to have long lasting improvement in pain and function.
  • Blood injections / Platelet Rich Plasma: As a natural (autologous) therapy, this process involves taking a small amount of blood (usually about the same amount as a normal blood test), and reintroduction of only the platelet rich plasma component. Results are generally expected to be similar to the viscosupplementation with the majority of people having around 10 months pain and functional improvement.

We look forward to seeing you soon and discussing these options to keep you healthy, happy, and active.

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Hooley Dooley! 2 YEARS!? Wow time has flown! Thank you to every single person who has supported us and come into the clinic over the past two years. We value each and every one of you!Cheers, SPARC Team.

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(Initially your team/club trainer should organise appropriate medical treatment and management with a doctor who has up to date knowledge about concussions)Any team mate with suspected or confirmed concussion should remain in the company of a responsible adult and not be allowed to drive. They are advised to avoid alcohol, narcotics and all medications should be reviewed. Specifically, concussed people should avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatories (such as ibuprofen, diclofenac or naproxen), sleeping tablets and sedating pain medications.Keep an eye on your mates, if they are not their usual self after a concussion incident speak up to the player/coach/trainer.#concussionawareness #concussion #SPARC

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Chiropractic is a modern health care discipline that is based on the relationship between the Brain, Spine and Nervous System. Jamie Sparrow’s treatments are based on the latest scientific research.Jamie believes in a holistic approach to health care incorporating nutrition, exercise rehabilitation & lifestyle modifications. Chiropractic is gentle and drug free with the aim of restoring correct biomechanical function so the bodies systems can function at their optimum.Ph: 82349707 for bookings with Jamie Sparrow or head over to our website for more info!#chiropractor #holistic #function #musculoskeletal #spine #sciatica #headaches #biomechanical #SPARC

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