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The Sports and Arthritis Clinic (SPARC) is a collaboration of specialist sports and exercise physicians and select allied health practitioners providing world-class sports and activity related musculoskeletal care. SPARC is the first South Australian business to be governed by Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP), who are physician specialists in this field. This enables not just the specialist level of knowledge and experience in non-surgical management, but also appropriate integration with our experienced allied health partners.

Our Team

SPARC offers not just a modern fully equipped gym and training site, but also expert integration with our multi-disciplinary team which includes:

Our practitioners also maintain an active presence in the community, looking after a wide variety of athletes and sports including:

  • Dr Geoff Verrall
    • Medical director of the South Australia Sports Institute (SASI)
    • South Australia Cricket Association
    • Team doctor Australian Mens Cricket team
  • Dr Duncan Walker
    • Team doctor for the AFL women’s and men's Crows
    • Team doctor for the Adelaide 36’ers
    • Touring doctor for the Australian Young Socceroos
    • Medical director of the South Australian Sports Medicine Association

Specialty Services

You can expect us to be actively promoting activity and education in the community, and will find our practitioners happy to use their experience to help keep you active, in whatever your goals may be.

From helping you continue playing tennis into your 70’s, dealing with your chronic back pain, non-surgical treatment for your osteoarthritis or completing your first marathon, our integrated team can help guide your through.

We invite you to meet our team and services we offer, and look forward to working alongside you.

Personal Training

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Facebook — September 19, 2018

Hooley Dooley! 2 YEARS!? Wow time has flown! Thank you to every single person who has supported us and come into the clinic over the past two years. We value each and every one of you!Cheers, SPARC Team.

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Facebook — September 15, 2018
Facebook — September 12, 2018

(Initially your team/club trainer should organise appropriate medical treatment and management with a doctor who has up to date knowledge about concussions)Any team mate with suspected or confirmed concussion should remain in the company of a responsible adult and not be allowed to drive. They are advised to avoid alcohol, narcotics and all medications should be reviewed. Specifically, concussed people should avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatories (such as ibuprofen, diclofenac or naproxen), sleeping tablets and sedating pain medications.Keep an eye on your mates, if they are not their usual self after a concussion incident speak up to the player/coach/trainer.#concussionawareness #concussion #SPARC

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Facebook — September 11, 2018

Chiropractic is a modern health care discipline that is based on the relationship between the Brain, Spine and Nervous System. Jamie Sparrow’s treatments are based on the latest scientific research.Jamie believes in a holistic approach to health care incorporating nutrition, exercise rehabilitation & lifestyle modifications. Chiropractic is gentle and drug free with the aim of restoring correct biomechanical function so the bodies systems can function at their optimum.Ph: 82349707 for bookings with Jamie Sparrow or head over to our website for more info!#chiropractor #holistic #function #musculoskeletal #spine #sciatica #headaches #biomechanical #SPARC

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