With MyPhysio SA in collaboration with SPARC you will feel in control of your results and get back to what you love doing faster.

Getting the correct diagnosis is a key to getting the results you want. So don’t waste your time missing out on what you want to do and let us get you feeling great again. We can quickly settle your pain and then develop a rehabilitation plan for all manner of musculoskeletal conditions from low back pain to shoulder and neck pain, to joint replacements or to enhancing sport performance.

Our on-site Fitness and Rehab Studio allows elite rehabilitation of all injuries, all under the close supervision of your Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.

Treatment Options

  • Hands-on Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Diabetes, Arthritis, Cardiac, and Gym Classes
  • Injury Rehabilitation Programs
  • Sports Injury Assessment Clinic
  • Work-related Injury Care
  • Dry Needling

The main area’s of Physiotherapy are:

  • Sports injuries & sports performance
  • Spine & joint pain
  • Headache and neck pain relief
  • Rehabilitation plans after surgery or injury
  • Ergonomic advice including manual handling, work station set up
  • Rehab after car or work accidents
  • Helping with balance and weakness issues

Providing high quality individual management of all musculoskeletal pain and injury:

  • One on one consultation
  • Quality consultation time
  • Manual Therapy “hands-on” approach
  • Applying research and best practice techniques and treatment methods
  • Education
  • Self-management programs

What We Offer:

Every first visit to our Physiotherapy clinic includes:

  • Thorough taking of your history
  • Full orthopaedic assessment of your problem
  • Safe effective Physio techniques as treatment
  • Including massage, mobilisation, exercises all targeted to treat your problem immediately
  • We will then discuss the treatment plan with you, to ensure we give you the results that you are after.
  • 30 minute hands-on appointments.
  • We won’t put you on a machine and leave you.
  • We will communicate with your referring GP or Specialist with a summary letter sent after the initial consult outlining findings and treatment plan.

In addition to private clients we are happy to consult:

  • Workcover Claims
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claims
  • Veteran’s Affairs Claims
  • Medicare EPC Plan clients by referral

You should ask us here at SPARC about our treatment practices and exercise classes specific for osteo-arthritis.

Understanding Osteoarthritis

It’s a condition that affects a large portion of the population and is characterised by pain, reduced mobility and a feeling of being overly stiff or tight in your muscles and joints. Due to the nature of the condition, it can occur in people who have had a previous injury, have worked in labour specific jobs, have played large volumes of sport or are over the age of 65.

Osteo-Arthritis is essentially the “wearing out” of cartilage and bone within a joint. This damage opens nerve endings in the bone that causes pain during movement. Osteo-arthritis is degenerative in nature, meaning that once is has occurred, we can’t reverse the damage done.

Research has shown that the more active someone who has arthritis is, the lower pain they report with everyday tasks. It has also shown that completing regular activity has better outcome measures post surgery for those that require a joint replacement.

Because physical activity and movement can elicit pain, this stops people from keeping active as they think that pain equals harm. With osteo-arthritis, if you do not move your joints and take them through movements aimed at improving joint range of motion, this pain will only become worse when you do decide to move.

We offer exercise physiology services that can be 1 on 1 or in a group setting. You can complete your exercises at home, at a pool, or in our brand new, state of the art gym.

We will talk extensively about your medical history and personal goals that matter to you, and then devise a plan that best suits you.

If you haven’t been in a gym before, haven’t completed any structured exercise previously and are a little apprehensive about the process, our highly qualified allied health professionals will be there every step of the way to guide you.

There are a number of avenues in which people can come to see us, the best of which is to simply ring and ask as many questions as you like! Other plans and what we offer;

  • Private Health Rebates

  • Enhanced Primary Care Plans

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Return to WorkSA and MVA claims

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Dr Kevyn Hernandez giving thumbs up for consulting this Saturday morning! Gives us a call to book in on 82349707 or visit our website for online bookings! #doctor #adelaide #weekendconsults #appointments #injury #SPARC #fitness #health

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Dr Kevyn Hernandez giving thumbs up for consulting this Saturday morning! Gives us a call to book in on 82349707 or visit our website for online bookings! #doctor #adelaide #weekendconsults #appointments #injury #SPARC #fitness #health www.sparc.com.au

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