Ultrasound for accurate diagnosis, education and monitoring

SPARC offers musculoskeletal ultrasound during your consultations when required.

  • Aids in accurate diagnosis and explanation of your injury or pain – we know that understanding your injury is an important first step to getting you better

  • Saves you time and greater expense having to book an appointment with a radiology company and then another consultation for the results – this can all be done in a single visit at SPARC

Once appropriate diagnosis has been made, there are a variety of therapeutic options available which will be recommended based on your particular diagnosis and circumstances. In general, injections under direct ultrasound visualization means relatively painless injections and accurate placement of the injection. In addition, we often incorporate nerve blocks when possible to further reduce any discomfort for you

Interventions may include use of:

  • Local anaesthetic to reduce pain and aid in accurate diagnosis

  • Cortisone (a potent anti-inflammatory)

  • Viscosupplementation 

  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP) - use of your own bloods natural anti-inflammatories and growth factors from your platelets

  • Hydrodisection or high volume stripping

  • Stem cells – adipose derived mesenchymal cells, done in conjunction with our research project

Many treatments for musculoskeletal conditions involve injections to assist with pain control and/or healing. By reducing pain, this also allows you to be able to progress your rehabilitation and reloading exercises in an efficient and pain free manner.

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