We aim for pain relief and better function without surgery

Broadly speaking, arthritis can be divided into inflammatory (diseases such as Rheumatoid) arthritis or more commonly degenerative or osteoarthritis. In osteoarthritis (OA) there is a breakdown of normal joint fluid and cartilage, sometimes due to an injury such as an ACL tear or fracture, but more commonly due to a combination of aging processes, genetics, and lifestyle factors. While OA can affect any joint, the knee and hip are often the most problematic as this typically limits activity and quality of life.

  • OA is a major cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia
  • >3.95 million Australians suffer from OA pain
  • Up to two thirds of people suffering from OA are of working age
  • Traditionally, treatments are only directed towards pain relief
  • While pain relief remains a primary objective at SPARC, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to reduce progression of OA, increase function and quality of life and health

While having some degree of OA is a normal part of aging, there are many strategies other than surgery that can help keep you healthy and active in your life.

Ongoing knee or hip pain should not be dismissed as an inevitable part of getting older, especially if it starts to limit your daily life and activity levels

Rest would seem to be a common-sense approach to take if a joint hurts, however studies and international consensus are unanimous that activity plays a major part of appropriate treatment.  We have a fully equipped specialty OA gym service, with appropriate sports physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to help guide you through the process, whether it be with 1:1 sessions or small group classes.

Treatment options

In addition, there are many other evidence based strategies to explore which can include:

  • Weight loss (shown to reduce 4x that amount of force on the knee joint)
    • So even losing 5kg would feel like taking 20kg of pressure off the joint
  • Bracing and orthotics to deload the more symptomatic side
  • A variety of natural supplements and gels
  • Modern pharmaceuticals
  • Radiofrequency denervation (numb the nerves in the joint)
  • Injection therapies        
    • Corticosteroids
    • Visco-supplementation gels (stimulating an increase in normal joint lubrication)
    • Platelet rich plasma (blood injections)

Exercise is Medicine

However underpinning all treatments for osteoarthritis is movement. SPARC practitioners believe that “exercise is medicine” remains a key component of treatment. Surgical options are of course advised in many advanced situations, but for those whom surgery is either not appropriate, or arthritis not yet bad enough to warrant surgery, our aim is to defer your joint replacement as long as possible while keeping you moving and comfortable in your life.

If non-surgical management of your OA is your aim, we look forward to working with you to keep you moving, healthy and happy.

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Hooley Dooley! 2 YEARS!? Wow time has flown! Thank you to every single person who has supported us and come into the clinic over the past two years. We value each and every one of you!Cheers, SPARC Team.

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(Initially your team/club trainer should organise appropriate medical treatment and management with a doctor who has up to date knowledge about concussions)Any team mate with suspected or confirmed concussion should remain in the company of a responsible adult and not be allowed to drive. They are advised to avoid alcohol, narcotics and all medications should be reviewed. Specifically, concussed people should avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatories (such as ibuprofen, diclofenac or naproxen), sleeping tablets and sedating pain medications.Keep an eye on your mates, if they are not their usual self after a concussion incident speak up to the player/coach/trainer.#concussionawareness #concussion #SPARC

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Chiropractic is a modern health care discipline that is based on the relationship between the Brain, Spine and Nervous System. Jamie Sparrow’s treatments are based on the latest scientific research.Jamie believes in a holistic approach to health care incorporating nutrition, exercise rehabilitation & lifestyle modifications. Chiropractic is gentle and drug free with the aim of restoring correct biomechanical function so the bodies systems can function at their optimum.Ph: 82349707 for bookings with Jamie Sparrow or head over to our website for more info!#chiropractor #holistic #function #musculoskeletal #spine #sciatica #headaches #biomechanical #SPARC

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