• Adelaide, Australia based Sports and Exercise Physician (Specialist)
  • Over 25 years experience working in full time sports medicine involving clinical consultations for sports injuries and other activity related medical and musculoskeletal problems.

Current Appointments

  • South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) as Medical Director
  • SPORTSMED.SA for the last 25 years providing clinical care to South Australians.
  • Chief Medical Officer of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA)
  • Australian Cricket Team Doctor
  • Australian Rowing Team Doctor as a Gold Provider.
  • Athletics Australia doctor for South Australia
  • Researcher into Hamstring, Groin and Tendon Injuries

Education and Roles

Graduate of Adelaide University 1988.

Fellow of the Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians (ACSEP) Graduated 2003

25 years clinical experience in sports, exercise and musculoskeletal related injuries and problems

Team Doctor for elite sporting teams

Sports Medicine Researcher with Multiple peer reviewed publications and book chapters for the IOC

Expertise in hamstring, tendon and groin injuries 

Speaker at sports medicine conferences

Continuing education with the ACSEP (Sports and Exercise Physicians)

Continuing education with the RACGP (General Practitioners)

Active sport participant (Tennis, Running)

Speciality Interests

Activity Related Groin Injuries
If you have a activity related groin or hip injury come and see me for diagnosis and management plan
I have published world leading research in groin injuries. Come and see me for diagnosis, investigation and management

Muscle and Tendon Injuries especially hamstring muscles and achilles tendon
I have published world leading research in muscle and tendon injuries. Come and see me for state of the art diagnosis and management

Gluteal and Buttock Injuries

Back Injuries - non surgical management

Arthritis of the Back, Hip, Knee and Ankle

A non-surgical management approach

Exercise is medicine.

Alternatives plans to surgery are specifically tailored to your circumstances and interests

Research and Conference Participation

Sports Trauma

25-years experience in emergency Saturday afternoon casualty medicine.

I aim get you back ASAP

Specialty Sports Interests
Australian Football, Cricket, Athletics, Rowing, Tennis


25 years full time sports medicine

2500 new patient problems every year

Elite sport experience in Australian Football, Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Diving, Kayaking, Rowing, Tennis, Cycling, Netball, Soccer

Strong research focus and world leading in areas such as muscle injuries, groin injuries and tendon injuries.

Current researcher in conjunction with the University of Adelaide

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Facebook — February 18, 2019

2019 brings 2 experienced GPs and sports doctors joining us, and the beginning of their specialist training. Excited to welcome Dr Buckley and Kleinschmidt to the SPARC family.

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Facebook — February 15, 2019

Michael featured on a bonus episode of Inside Running Podcast doing what he does best; Educating! #podiatrist

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Facebook — February 11, 2019

️Stocking Archie’s Arch Support Thhongs! $35 ️We mean it when we say these are the comfiest thongs ever and they look like normal thongs!Get in quick before they all sell out!Colours currently in stock: black, navy, coral, white. Coming soon: light blue.

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Facebook — February 07, 2019

No more tying ice packs up with old tea towels and staying still so they don’t slip off!We sell Sideline - Ice n Wraps!Perfect for upper limb and lower limb injuries or recovery. Just fill the bag with ice and strap it on with the comfortable Velcro straps.$35.00Thanks Blake for modelling the ice pack while you wait for your appointment! #sportsinjury #RICER #ice #recovery #joints #pain #injuryrecovery

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