Blog — March 21, 2018

Variation of Training

To maximise performance and reduce risk of injury it is important to have a variety of running in your program. Once you start looking into adding some variety you will come across a lot of different terminology used to describe the different types of runs. Considering there are only so many days in a week how do you decide which runs will be beneficial to you? Because we are all about making Runner’s lives easier, in this article we aim to brief you on the different training zones that are useful for improving your running performance (Jack Daniels 2005).

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Blog — October 24, 2017

What is a 'Stitch'? Why do we get them? How do we stop them?

Dr Verrall (Sports & Exercise Physician) & Stephanie Gaskell (Dietitian) explain a stitch is known in sports medicine as Exercise-related Transient Abdominal Pain (ETAP).

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Blog — October 12, 2017

Spring SPARC Practitioner Updates

Keep up to date with our practitioners and what they are up to over the next few months!

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Blog — August 29, 2017

ENERGY DRINKS - Do we really need all the extra stuff?

Most of the evidence currently available would suggest the most beneficial component in these energy drinks relating to cognitive and physical performance is the caffeine component. However...

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Blog — July 04, 2017

Changing up your footwear....

I remember the first time I ever stopped to think about shoes specifically for running. It was 1996 and I was 11 years of age. My first ever running shoe, which I used for sports day and anything else activity related was the Asics Tiger Touch.

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